I decided to revisit GitHub Pages since I started trying this blog thing. All I want to do is write some markdown, push it to GitHub, and call it done, which is exactly what GitHub Pages allows you to do. Boom, instantly-hosted static site! Gone are the days of needing to pay for monthly hosting just so I can share something I wrote with a couple of friends.

I’ve played around with GitHub Pages in the past, just long enough to get my old experimental JavaScript clone of Chip’s Challenge hosted somewhere. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Jekyll (the engine backing GitHub Pages) supports blogs right out of the box. Just spin up a new site template with their ruby gem, then drop your markdown in the _posts folder. Push it up to GitHub and the new post is already listed on your homepage for you. Very cool! Not to mention you can build and run your site locally with just one command once it’s all set up: bundle exec jekyll serve

Anyway, I’m excited for how easy this makes it to share out content! But now that I’m thinking about it, will I ever go back and revisit that Chip’s Challenge project? Probably not, but I should definitely do a post about where I got stuck in developing that. I’ll add it to the list.

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