I spent most of today playing around with the site, so here’s what I accomplished:

  • Custom URL in place - runeberry.com is now streaming directly to your browser!
  • SSL certificate is in place, so your credit card info is safe with me.
    • Actually, GitHub Pages manages this for free and it’s super-easy. But it’s worthy of a bullet point for the hours that I spent getting an SSL cert, generating a CSR, fiddling with redirects, and then realizing I didn’t need to do any of that.
  • Moved the blog posts to a blog/ subdirectory, and added a lil’ navbar to the top of the post template.
  • Tweaked the default theme for jekyll (minima) to be an equivalent dark theme. I can’t expect anyone to read anything without a dark theme, right?

So what’s next? Actually working on the game engine that I started talking about like a week ago, rather than A/B testing the color palette of my blog. Hopefully more on that tomorrow!

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