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First International Trading House (FITH)

FITH acts as an intermediary domestic trade between the Three Kingdoms, and this extended peacetime has allowed their coffers to grow tremendously. As such, they are able to venture out into loans for middle- and lower-class citizens throughout the world.

Rising Sun Depository (RS)

Rising Sun is backed by tithes and contributions to the Church of Lathander. Their wealth appears to be split about evently between evangelizing and funding community projects for the poor. One of their community projects is to provide low-interest loans with reasonable repayment terms to families in need.

New World Exchange (NWE)

The New World Exchange invests heavily in overseas ventures and trade partnerships for exotic goods. Though they focus primarily on high-risk, high-return loans, they have been able to turn tremendous profits due to the keen insight and negotation skills of the Dwarven lineage of their founders.

The Three Kingdoms

The Three Kingdoms of Envergadra are ancient, wealthy kingdoms that are currently enjoying a long period of peace and prosperity between them. The kingdoms’ joint funding of Costa Ciedra is the result of this extended peace.

Stonebridge Estates

A property management firm based in the Hill. This firm owns several properties throughout Costa Ciedra. The company has become somewhat notorious for their glamorous charity contributions, such as giant ribbon cuttings and educational institutions named in Stonebridge’s honor.