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Our Valiant Heroes

A ragtag group of buddies who can at least tolerate each other. They’ve been unwillingly united after stepping in to stop a goblin bank robbery against the First International Trading House (or at least defending themselves while it was happening).


A strikingly-beautiful tall, dark, and handsome man who serves as the manager of the Lowtown branch of the First International Trading House. He grew up in Lowtown, but rose above his situation to study banking and bring financial services to the people of his home community. He’s very concerned about appearances and reputation - both of his own and of the banking industry - amongst the people of Lowtown.

Frank and Hilda

The dwarven owners and proprietors of the Smarmy Marmot Inn in Lowtown. They were recently robbed by goblin thugs in the middle of the night, during which they lost all the collateral to their loan. They seem rather clueless, but reasonable nonetheless.

Eric the Bard

A young wood elf that has some skill with flute-like instruments. Is usually seen carrying around a basket of some sort. Plays in a local band, if he can find them.

Tatham Stonebridge

Current president of Stonebridge Estates. Not much is known about him other than that he’s very wealthy and tightly controls the PR surrounding him and his firm to promote a positive image of both.