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A modestly-sized island off the coast of Envergadra that is recognized by its gargantuan mountain that watches over the surrounding sea. Most travelers to the island stick to Costa Ciedra, but there are a few small villages in the grasslands outside the city where the local farmers and plantation owners live a much quieter life. West of the farmlands lies a few miles of tropical rainforest, which lead up to the great mountain in the northwest.

Costa Ciedra

A vibrant, bustling trading city, and the only major civilization on the island of Oscuerra. It may be the largest city in the known world, with an estimated population exceeding 100,000 residents. Costa Ciedra has flourished in the arts, academics, and innovation in the past 150 years thanks to massive investments from the Three Kingdoms of Envergadra. Most of the city rests upon a large rock formation that rises up out of the island, hence its moniker that translates to “coast of the sky rock”.

The city stands out from the Three Kingdoms in that it operates as a democracy, where permanent citizens vote on the issues and priorities to be addressed by the Governor. The Governor is appointed by the Council of Ambassadors, a council which has ultimate rule over any legal precedents in the city. However, the Council generally does not get directly involved in city law unless they deem it necessary. This experimental form of government is funded by each of the Three Kingdoms, and for it they reap a healthy share of the city’s taxes. This effort was started in order to help maintain a peaceful balance between the Kingdoms after a devastating war centuries ago.


Lowtown is the working-class district of Costa Ciedra. Far removed from the Hill, this district is home to the sailors, laborers, and artisans that power Costa Ciedra’s trading economy, as well as your fair share of beggars and thieves. While not the most valuable district per capita, the Lowtown Market sees thousands of transactions per day between residents and travelers, which has caught the eye of financiers on the Hill. Despite increased investment, the average Lowtown resident does not have a favorable view of the banks on the hill, though that seems to be slowly improving.

Southside Harbor

A highly developed shoreline at the base of the Hill. Hundreds of merchants and a handful of shipbuilding companies run their operations from this sub-district of Lowtown. These merchants and shipbuilders combined employ the largest workforce in Costa Ciedra, employing an estimated 23,000 residents of Costa Ciedra.

Whispering Oaks

A lower-middle-class district on the northern side of town. Many residents here have seen modest financial success in life and are able to own small townhomes and spend some money on leisure activities. Known landmarks are the Buchaus, the city’s largest public Library, and the Temple Solaris, where worshippers of Lathander congregate. While religious proselytizing in Lowtown has had middling success at best, a majority of residents in Whispering Oaks openly praise Lathander in response to their success and continued safety in life.

Hilltop District, or simply “the Hill”

Costa Ciedra’s wealthy financial district rests atop a stone formation that rises out of the southeast shore of Oscuerra, hence it’s become known as “the Hill” amongst residents. While most traders passing through city will only do business closer to the shoreline, tourists often come just for a glimpse of the intricate statues and ornate architecture that’s unlike anywhere else in the world, with inspiration blended from every corner of the Three Kingdoms. Each of the major banks has a headquarters here. The Governor’s Palace, the Ambassador’s Hall, and the Academy are other favorite landmarks in the district.

The Vault

There’s an old legend passed around by the townspeople that tunnels exist under the financial district of the city, hiding untold fortunes of gold and treasure. The tunnels and the treasures within have collectively come to be known as “the Vault”.

Envergadra, or simply “the Mainland”

The mainland continent on which the Three Kingdoms were founded. The continent is divided into three regions separated by two towering mountain ranges, with one each of the Three Kingdoms ruling over a region. The Northern Region is mostly desert, with hills and grasslands near the Central Region’s mountainous border. The Central Region consists of plains and grasslands toward the “inner shore”, with thicker temperate forests as you travel to the “outer shore” of the contintent. The Southern Region is primarily thick deciduous forests and rocky terrain towards the “inner shore”, trending toward a dry, glacial climate on the “outer shore”.